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Red baby bedding/crib sheet/cot sheet

60,000 CFA

Authentic baby beddings, best price and quality on the internet

Used for baby’s crib all over the world. You can add a touch of beauty to your baby nursery with this set of Ankara made baby beddings. They are of different colors and make a real statement in a baby’s room. These baby crib beddings are of five pieces. A luxurious skirt of 3 tier, the green layer, blue-black layer and lastly the sky blue layer that flourish on the floor. A bag with gathering used for style or diaper bag. A quilted comforter coded with cotton. 4 pieces of bumper to act as a protective sleeping fence for the baby’s safety. Lastly, a matchihi sheet to cover the mantras. They are very soft and comfortable for new-borns fabricated by Artisans from Cameroon.

This is just a sample but there are different colors