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Cameroon’s 1st E Commerce Site

We are connecting the world to authentic, meticulously made, cultural arts and crafts from Cameroon. Our products range from Home Decor to Jewelry onto Children’s Decor. All of our pieces are hand-made from artisanal groups. With offices in Cameroon, we directly work with the artists and help them get their best products to the world by connecting them to the digital world called-e-commerce. Follow us online and learn more about our movement!
A wide range of handmade products

Elegantly Made with a Cultural Touch




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A program under the supervision of The Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises of Cameroon.

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We are narrowing the digital divide in Cameroon by helping artisans join the world of e-commerce.

We are located in several regions in Cameroon, which is often called, Africa in miniature, due to the diversity of the terrain.