About Us


www.cameroongallery.com is the 1st e-commerce website that directly connects the world to buy Cameroonian crafts, furniture, jewellery, artefacts, and much more.  At Cameroon Gallery we bring the customer directly to the markets of Cameroon with ease of a click of a button online. Our services www.cameroongallery.com is an e-commerce website and a holistic program that includes digital training and education. Artists are trained on the power of the online world and learn how to bring their locally created arts to the world. This platform is a program between The Ministry of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, Social Economy and Handicrafts and the multimedia firm Bridge Africa Group. SERVICES COVERED

  • Transportation and logistics
  • Payment of local artist
  • Build and manage website
  • Customer Services





Cameroon artists often face digital barriers like access to the internet, creating and managing websites, and having access to credit card payment gateways. Cameroon Gallery is a program that helps them overcome these digital barriers by connecting them to global market online. We created an opportunity for artists to live their art and provide for their families and communities without worrying about the limitations caused by previous digital barriers.




                                                EMPOWERING WOMEN                                         IMPACTING VULNERABLE COMMUNITIES                                          HEALTH EDUCATION



There are millions of women without sufficient skills to sell their crafts online. www.cameroongallery.com will provide these women with proper knowledge on how to advertise and market their crafts online. A significant portion of the population’s vulnerability is caused by HIV AIDS or unemployment. We are here to provide a career opportunity for everyone. Most of the population is less qualified with ICT training . www.cameroongallery.com offers free ICT training   to our clients .  


www.cameroongallery.com gives the best customer service. You can contact us for any questions about your order.